Montana Artist Franklin Grubb

With an extensive background both academically and professionally in art and art history including his work-life experience as a lithographer, Frank’s abstract oil paintings reach across a wide range of color palates. Having taken his best influence from the dream like and electrifying colors of Marc Chagall’s art, he mixes the brightest hues of oil lending a sense of surrealism to lake and mountain scenes of Northwest Montana. 

Having travelled throughout western Europe and the UK visiting the most notable galleries such as the Louvre in Paris, the National Gallery of Art in London, the Guggenheim in Venice, etc Frank’s European influence, particularly of scenes from Europe, are both abstract and impressionist often contained in the same painting.


Frank is a Montana artist and author displaying his work in a variety of galleries, including the Hockaday Museum of Art during the member/artist annual exhibit.

Purchase or Commission

If you wish to purchase or commission a work of art….

The Garden Wall - Glacier National Park by Montana Artist Franklin Grubb

“Frank is amazing. He captures Glacier National Park like no other. We have several pieces of his art in our home.”                   RM

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